Movie Stream Addict

I thought movies might be an appropriate blog to start with because other than books, I love movies more than any other form of entertainment. That said, I’m really getting into the new options on Netflix where one can download an entire series at will.

Have you tried it? It’s amazing. It reminds me though of an episode on Southpark “where the characters become addicted to shows like Investigation Murder and the term “Murder Porn” is born. In the real world, “Series on Demand” is worse than any drug or porn addiction. Soon the Department of Justice will get involved, and it will be the war on “Video Series Addiction,” and an entire new branch will be formed to stop the networks, cause the anything fun can’t be good for you. Any series downloaded and watched in less than 3 days, will be banned.

I watched all five series of The Good Wife in less than 6 weeks! Yes, I admit I became a Good Wife Junkie. I even had withdrawals at night, dreamed about Alicia and the love triangle she was all tangled in. Then when it was over… I died. How could I exist without Alicia, Diane, Kalinda, and Will?

I was totally sucked in. When my husband left the house in the morning, The Good Wife was on and when he came home at night, The Good Wife was on. He had OD’d on the show early, which left me googly-eyed and banished to the upstairs television. I felt like the lone smoker in the office, restricted to the parking lot with my detestable habit.

Don’t get me wrong. My husband can be the enabler, especially if he likes the series. House of Cards is the perfect example. The weekend the second season started on Netflix, we went to the store together, stocked up on eatable goodies normally reserved for the Oscars, and came home prepped for the marathon. Yes, we watched the entire series over the weekend. It was wonderful!!! It was cold and rainy here in the South, so what else was there to do? And of course, there was Kevin Spacey!!!

I’m debating over whether this is better than actually going to the theater. I can’t believe I just wrote that. I love going to the movies. The smell of popcorn alone is like an aphrodisiac. And in the Indie theaters, I can have a martini, too. But there’s something about not getting dressed, wearing my pj’s, pouched up super-comfy on the couch with my dogs sleeping beside me. God I hate to say this, but streaming may win out. And I’d really hate that.