Writing for Chocolate

Sometimes it’s fun to write about something totally ridiculous. We all have that reward system we tell ourselves we don’t have. That little voice that starts as a whisper then turns into a full on earsplitting yell. I always says things like: If I run five miles today, then I can have a dessert tonight at that hip new restaurant or no one will know, it’s only one piece.

At least one hundred million women writers choose CHOCOLATE as a reward, coming in at a close second are shoes. Depending on the writer, chocolate can be a daily or weekly thing, for some it’s directly tied to word count. For me it’s just finishing the day still in my chair.

But chocolate is also linked to hormonal shifts, depression, pregnancy, divorce, new love, and just about anything else a woman can imagine. As silly as all this sounds, there are women who would probably kill without some type of daily ingestion of this dark, luscious, seductive bean. There is definitely an addictive agent in its makeup, yet psychiatrists haven’t banned it or set up major rehab facilities for it. Probably because they’d never be able to resuscitate someone going through a delirium tremor associated with sudden cessation of the cocoa bean and it would be way to easy to sneak in, m&m’s can be sewn into a hem way to easily. Besides what would the replacement therapy be?

Binging on chocolate after finishing a manuscript is better than champagne, or enhances champagne, however you want to think of it. Christmas would be beyond boring without chocolate Santas, but how could Easter even be celebrated without the rich, black Easter Bunnies?

I wonder how many books, especially romance, would be completed without this decadent little bean mixed with copious amounts of sugar? My guess… not many.