One more time.

After last year and the thundering crash of my website (I’m sure you heard it if you live anywhere in North Louisiana), I thought about abandoning the whole thing. Then I read my first post. Yikes. Stilted and unemotional. Boring. So today I’ll start all over and be a little less shy. When I read other websites, I’m amazed at how open, funny, and revealing some people are. I don’t know that I can ever leave the bathroom door open for all to see, but I promise to put down a few things going on in my life.

Today is the last day before my son, Stephen, leaves for Europe, and we’re spending the day visiting a few people, eating American food, and all the last minute things you thought were all ready done. I’m super lucky that he lets me tag along sometimes. We’re ending the day by  seeing the movie Epic written by another Shreveport native, Bill Joyce. The book, The Leaf Men, was one of my son’s favorites when he was little. So we’re gonna pull on the germy glasses even though they swear the bugs have been irradiated and enjoy the 3-D extravaganza tonight.

I hate it when Stephen leaves. It always seems like he just got here, and we finally settled into a rough routine. But how fun to be in college and travel to another country with cool instructors who have intriguing backgrounds. Gives a whole new meaning to classroom assignments when the classroom is a museum, an ancient fort, a city park, or an embassy. Part of me wishes I could have a do-over. I’d take a year off and travel as far as $25.00 would take me cause that’s about how much spending money I had in college. I have friends who were more adventurous and worked a semester or two abroad and then jumped into the inevitable grind. I have few regrets, my children can tell you, and this is the one, the big regret. Rarely, have I heard: I traveled too much. I highly recommend taking the time to see the world before thirty while your body can still sleep wound up like a pretzel anywhere on anything.

Okay. If this is going to be a weekly thing… I’d better start getting with it. Living.

Thanks for checking on me.