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Epic Tales of Courage and Resilience

Step into Mystery

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Every hunter is also prey.

Khâsi repeated her father's warning under her breath.

In the early hours of dawn, a violent raid shatters the peaceful life of a young female nomad. When her family is brutally killed, she is left with no choice but to flee with her wounded sister, leaving behind everything she has ever known.


Pursued through a brutal Mongolian landscape by relentless trackers, Khâsi must rely on her skills to survive. Her knowledge of the land and her people’s ways become her greatest assets, as she battles the elements and evades danger at every turn.


But the harshest enemy of all–winter, is fast approaching, with its numbing cold and unrelenting storms. As the sisters push on through the snow, they know that their survival is far from guaranteed. Yet, they cling to the hope that awaits them at the end of their journey: a chance for a new start and to honor the memory of those they have lost.


This is a story of courage, resilience, and the indestructible bond between two sisters, set against the backdrop of a harsh unforgiving wilderness.


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Phylis Caskey


In college, I studied biochemistry but longed to write poetry and invent stories about ancient cultures. However, like many people with artistic dreams, I put them in the back closet and began the business of working and starting a family. Creative writing was, after all, for those born with a writing plume in hand like Shelley and Byron. I began seriously writing when my youngest child entered high school. At this time, I studied French at the local university and those wonderfully rich classes inspired my Castle Road series.


Later, I wrote and published Skinny Dipping in Cane River as an homage to my storytelling grandfather. An avid follower of Jeannine Davis-Kimball and her excavations in the Altai region, I gleaned historical information and filed it away, waiting for the right moment. On a trip to South Korea with its mysterious, yet opulent culture, beautiful language, and dramatic music, I visited the National Museum. Joseon crowns glistened beneath a cone of light and reminded me of the jewelry found on mummies discovered by Davis-Kimball. Before I left the room, a scene from The Wind Has a Voice sprang to mind.


Home is Shreveport with my husband, the true bibliophile in the family, and our socially anxious little dog. When I’m not writing, you can find me trying to keep up with my adventure-loving adult kids or tucked up on the couch streaming K-dramas with a giant bucket of popcorn.

Determined. Bubbly. Anything But Boring.

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What Readers Are Saying

Strong Southerner Style in an Intriguing Book!

This is exactly the sort of book I've been hungry for - a young adult mystery set in small town 1960s. First of all, the characterization is authentic and the prose-style smart. But the best thing about this book is the journey back to the sixties. I loved being rooted in an atypical time period, following characters that I cared about.



A True Mystery with Surprise Ending

Very skillfully written mystery with unusual settings and characters. Coming home after his father's death a young man refuses to believe it was suicide and his persistence in seeking the truth leads him on an adventure where he finds romance and danger. 



Unforgettable Story, Brilliant Writer

This book transports one to another time…the lazy summer days of a sleepy Louisiana town. Add to this the dimension of an unsolved mystery, a budding romance between the sleuths, and you have the perfect read! The author is a genius at word-painting a picture you will not forget, and yet she has a clever, witty style that will leave you smiling! 



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